Backyard Architecture

When my neighbor asked me about backyard architecture, I assumed he was talking about landscape design.  He just bought a new house in Albany, NY so of course he has to do some maintenance stuff.  The backyard in particular was a mess. The grass was all torn up, the fence needed to be repaired, and he and his wife has this idea about putting in a new concrete patio so they could entertain guests in the backyard.  They called Albany Concrete Contractors for patio installation and a stamped concrete walkway from the pool deck to the back door, approximately 80 square feet. Their company is arriving next Wednesday to excavate, lay the gravel, and pour the concrete. I’m excited to see how the project turns out because afterwards, we’ll be able to host parties on the backyard patio and maybe even put in a grill so we can barbecue. There’s nothing I love more than some fried chicken cooked over a fire. Anyways, the house’s basic architecture is modern, so a concrete patio will certainly upgrade the look and probably increase the homes curb appeal.  Stamped concrete costs about $12 square foot in the Albany area, so he definitely got a deal.